Kirk's Base Fertilizer and Soil Block Recipe
My soil block recipe is based on Elliot Coleman's recipe with a couple of exceptions.  I've converted the measures to something more convenient for the home gardener.  Here's the mix

2 gallons fine grade peat moss

.13 cup (1.04 oz) lime

1 cup perlite

.8 cup base fertilizer

21 cup compost

Coleman's recipe callas for 10.6 cups of garden soil.  This is needed for the clay to make the blocks stick together.  I did not want to introduce nasties (e.g. spores, disease) from last years garden.  So here I added 1/2 cup of powdered red clay.  This is the clay used to make seed bombs.  Be advised I am still experimenting with this. 

Base Fertilizer

Equal Parts of Blood Meal, Colloidal Phosphate, Greensand.  One half part Azomite.