Brim Seeds

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Here’s a hidden Texas treasure – Brim Seed Company down by Waco.  We first met these fine folks a few years back at Dallas’ Fair Park during an Earth Day celebration.  I bought a pack of their Southern Zipper Peas on the spot.

No, they are not one of the Big Guys.  They don’t have a big fat catalogue stuffed with glossies and marketing propaganda.  Brim’s garden seed offering is solid and well rounded.  And I really like their Southern Acclimated line of seed.  These are seeds taken from plants, regionally adapted to our southern climate (think ferocious Texas summer).  Those Southern Zipper Peas I bought make a great summer crop.  And of course, they offer several varieties of Southern Acclimated Black Eyed Peas (not always easy to find).    That’s good for us because just about the only thing I’ve found that will live and produce in the middle of a Texas summer is Okra, Jalapenos, and Blackeyed peas.

Brim Seeds is part of Homestead Heritage; a Christian based community of farmers and craftsmen.   Visit the Village and see weavers, ferries, potters, and woodworkers.   Don’t miss this their mill – especially when they are handing out free cookie samples.