MIY (Mix It Yourself) My Seed Starting Mix

Starting your veggie seeds indoors? Here’s my recipe for a cheap-and-easy seed starting mix. Three things you should know. Number One. This mix gives the seedlings enough nutrients so you only have to transplant them once - into the garden. No additional fertilizer is needed. This reduces the chance of damaging tender roots. Number Two. The mix is fluffy and won’t form a surface crust. Seedlings can easily break on through to the other side. Number Three. Perlite and Vermiculite deliver a good balance of water drainage and retention.

I’ve used this recipe for a long time (admittedly with tweaks here and there over the years) and have always had good results.

The Mix
8 Cups Sifted Compost
4 Cups Sifted Peat
2 Cups Earthworm Casings
2 Cups Perlite
2 Cups Vermiculite
2 Tablespoons Azomite (provides trace minerals)


  1. This mix is based on a recipe first published by Organic Gardening Magazine, though I can’t remember when.
  2. Always buy the highest quality peat you can.
  3. You can make a your own soil sifter out of hardware cloth (just Google), although I bought mine online here.
  4. If you can’t easily find Azomite or earthworm casings try Amazon.
  5. When you’re ready to plant: fill your containrs; pack down lightly; then soak with water. Drain well. You want the mix to be moist, but not soggy. Plant your seeds and cover lightly with dry mix. Spritz. Sit back and wait for the miracle to happen.